This is the story of a peace song called ”A land for all of us” that was composed specifically for UNICEF to be performed at Skansen in Stockholm in June 1990.

The song was performed by a youth choir from Stockholm on a family day with radiantly beautiful weather and a large audience.

After the performance the harmonic choir and its leader Donald Forsberg received standing ovations from the audience.

The song then fell into oblivion but was revived after twenty-five years when Rune Gardell, musical arranger and producer on Gotland, puts his stamp on the musical work of art.

A youth choir and three lead singers enters Sandkvie studio where they first record the Swedish song ”Our Earth” and then the English version ”United”.

In sunshine and with beautiful views from Högklint the video ”United” is now recorded with children, parents and other participants holding all the world´s flags high in the wind.