Lyrics UK


Verse 1

When a bright star is falling, it makes me believe              

I wish for every human, for love and for peace 

‘cause our world is crying, holds a river full of tears

we’ve got to be united, it’s our world and it’s right here

Verse 2

From a distance I can hear it,  a voice so  load and plain

a song about the future, that the world will still remain

I see people who are walking over boundries hand in hand

they keep singing in a joyful song that this world is our land


We have to be united, if we wanna heal the world 

just bring some hope for children to believe

let’s make a new tomorrow where the skies will never burn

for you, for me, everybody in this world

Verse 3

Like a wind across the oceans, over mountains something’s heard

a distant tone is rising, our belief in Mother Earth

and the more we have in common, every moment we will grow

our song for peace and freedom will never stand alone.


You who rule over the nations, make a stop just for a while 

             hold a child who is crying, and you’ll know the reason why