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Latest News 2017-04-13
Saturday the 18th of March became a historical day. The project Voices of Peace had its biggest Skype-session, where the song United was performed together with the pupils from gymnasium 44 in Irkutsk, Russia. The Voices of Peace consists of a group of adolescents in Visby, Sweden.

In Sweden the choir, parents and friends were waiting, and exactly at 9.30 AM the characteristic dialing tone from Irkutsk was heard for a few seconds, and then we had a perfect connection. Irkutsk is situated far away in Siberia, Russia.

Then a voice said “Hello hello, Visby Gotland Sweden. How are you doing? Irkutsk here...” At the same time the participants in Sweden and Russia could see each other on a screen.

We saw the interior from the classroom in Irkutsk, where a group of Russian adolescents, under the direction of Sergei Baykov, were dressed in Russian and Siberian national costumes.

During one hour both sides performed their local music and traditions. It was lot of laughter and we could note that the project “The Reaching Hands” had been completed, and from this time a bond for future peaceful relations was established between our countries.

Voices of Peace Visby - Irkutsk from Voices of Peace on Vimeo.

VoP United Visby - Irkutsk from Voices of Peace on Vimeo.

UNITED Voices of Peace Visby - Irkutsk... Lava from Voices of Peace on Vimeo.

VoP Summan Kummar from Voices of Peace on Vimeo.

Here you can see all the pictures that were taken in Irkutsk Siberia, Russia